I'm writing this letter of recommendation for Sandy Kedhar, with REMAX Realty in Irvine, CA. Sandy helped me find a home in Irvine when I moved here fifteen years ago. She couldn't have been more helpful. I was unfamiliar with the area and she showed me a number of properties until we found the very best fit. The closing and all the various details were handled very smoothly and it was a wonderful experience. Therefore, when I decided to move in January, 2012, I immediately contacted Sandy. She again reviewed with me the very best way to prepare my home for sale and through her efforts it was quickly sold and again all the details including the closing went smoothly. Sandy recognizes that she is not helping people just buy or sell a piece of property ... but a home. She listens and tries to meet the expectations of her clients ... who ultimately become her friends. May your experience be as satisfactory as mine.


Cathy M. Garris


Dear Sandy,

As my wife and I move through the process of buying and selling our home with you as our agent for the second time in 8.5 years, we want to thank you for being the true professional that you are. As far as I can tell, on both occasions the selling price of our house was a near record for the given model. On this last purchase you helped us buy a new home and sell our current home all in a matter of five (5) days! That's incredible!!! Buying and selling a home can be quite nerve racking for most people. Your explanations and understanding of the process and formalities are very calming to those of us who would prefer to avoid the whole situation. Anytime we consider a potential move in the future, you will be the first person we call ... as long as you do not retire first! Thanks again for all your help.



Dave & Marianne Mabie


Thank you so much for all your help in selling our Woodbridge Seasons Home. We could not be happier with the entire process. You were always there personally for all the important events and you were always available immediately by phone whenever we needed you. If we called you 50 times in the last month and a half, you answered the phone personally on the second or third ring, 45 of those times. That was very comforting to know that you were "on the job" and available. So it came as no surprise to us when everything went so smoothly.

You know we will stay in touch and we would be delighted to talk to any of your prospective clients about the terrific service you provided for us.


Richard & Nieves Fragapane


Dear Sandy,

As fate would fortunately orchestrate, with one misdirected (or so we thought!) phone call, we went from a simple inquiry into a property we happened past, to a professional agent who went far beyond the call of duty in leading us to a wonderful home. More important than the wonderful real estate agent that phone call produced is the fine person we now count among our friends. "Thank you" is an insufficient phrase to express our gratitude to you for all you have done for our family, but as it is the only one we know, we'll have to use it! Thank you for helping us find such a wonderful home. We love it! We could always rely on you in the house-hunting process to give an honest appraisal of each property, and to point out what you thought would be the benefits or drawbacks of each in relation to our needs. You never made us feel pressured or hurried, and always answered our questions honestly, often researching them, and then getting back to us to provide the most comprehensive answer. We so appreciate every detail of your caring and competent help. Your patience and expertise resulted in a perfect family-to-home match! James runs around in sheer delight, rejoicing in the increased space, and especially in having a beautiful backyard. William and I walk around appreciating each wonderful detail of the house and dreaming of the fun projects that lay ahead to make it even more our own. We love our neighborhood, our neighbors, Woodbridge, and the community of Irvine as a whole. Your recommendations as to location could not have been better. Thank you also for the generous aid given in so many areas that fall outside your job description-like recommending a terrific home loan promotional (which saved us thousands of dollars), insurance companies, gardeners, places to purchase appliances, and so much more. We have been truly satisfied and impressed with each recommendation. We feel blessed to have had access to your rich store of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. We look forward to a rewarding friendship with you over the years to come. A heartfelt "thanks" for everything and best wishes for you in the future.

With warmest regards,

The Calhoun Family


Well, you did it AGAIN! You found us a wonderful house -for the second time!! When we first got married, you found us a house that we absolutely LOVED. When our family grew to include our son, our needs changed. However, finding another house that we liked as much was definitely going to be a challenge. We couldn't believe you sold our house in only one week, and for a record asking price for our floorplan! Since we had very stringent criteria in what we wanted in the new house, we knew we needed time to house hunt. Your negotiating a rent-back agreement with the buyers allowed us to stay in our house until we found a new one. However, amazingly, you found us exactly what we were looking for - and in time for both escrows to close simultaneously without us having to rent back! The timing couldn't have been better. Even with our strict criteria of a certain neighborhood, a certain size house, privacy, and of course a limited budget, you were able to find us a house that we love even more than the first! It has all of the elements we were looking for, including more room for all of our 2-year-old's toys!! Thank you again for all of your hard work in finding us not only one fabulous home - but two!


Ron and Debbie Kamm


Dear Sandy:


Chitra and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for flawlessly executing the sale of our home on 26 Phillipsburg and the purchase of a new home on 64 Edenbrook. We would like to list a few points that truly stood out:

1 . You spent countless hours of your time showing Chitra and I properties that could meet our needs, until we found one that we were ready to make an offer on. You did not pressurize either one of us to make a decision until we were sure.


2. Despite the fact that our purchase of 64 Edenbrook was contingent on the sale of our

home, we believe your working relationship with Roula Fawaz (the selling agent) was a

big factor in the other party accepting our contingency clause and working with us.


3. You were sincere all the way through and explained all the terms and legalities

thoroughly. At no point in time did we feel that you were not batting for us.


4. In situations when the buying agent for 26 Phillipsburg was either out of town, unavailable, or unaware of all the requirements/deadlines, you gladly stepped in and offered to represent the buyer as well. This really showed that you had everyone's interests in mind.


5. You were very thorough in providing us a pre-listing perspective on how we should present our home for sale, and what we needed to get fixed. Also, your list of subcontractors came in real handy to get the work done in a neat and expedient manner.


6. You kept tabs on the key dates in the Escrow process to make sure all the elements such as loan documents, association documents, etc., made it in time to record the sale on the stipulated date. The fact that you worked closely with the Escrow company to make sure the buyer for 26 Phillipsburg also kept to the deadlines, is indeed commendable.


7. Even though you were out of town when Escrow actually closed, you made sure there would be somebody that we could collect the keys from. All in all, selling our home and buying a home through you was a very pleasant experience. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of our friends.

Thank you once again.


Sukmar & Chitra Ramanan


To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to tell you about Sandy Kedhar who assisted me in finding and purchasing my condo in Irvine. Not only was she very helpful while looking for properties, but she was also invaluable during escrow when she assisted me with all the details and tasks. She has great knowledge of the real estate market and her experience and advice were instrumental in making my home-buying experience successful and a pleasant experience, while always going the extra mile and exceeding my expectations.

I can highly recommend Sandy to you for your next home purchase!


Dear Sandy,


Time seems to pass so quickly it seems like yesterday that Joe and I were putting our home up for sale and looking for the perfect replacement. We could have never done all that is involved without you. We love our new home and the Tustin area more than we could have imaged. We are close to everything and we especially love the old town feeling that the people and the merchants of this area afford.

One of the things that we loved working with you is that you “listen” to the needs of your clients. You were right on the money as to the asking price of our old home and found the exact type of home and neighborhood we were searching for. We also felt that you go beyond the duties of your industry. Way beyond. What a pleasure it has been to meet you, work with you, and have you as a friend all at the same time. I know that the Rothnbergs were very happy as well as the Feldmans.

Joe and I would recommend you to anyone embarking on the sell/buy experience. You must stop by when you have the opportunity and re-visit the wonderful treasure you found for us.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for Sandy Kedhar of Remax.

Sandy sold my condo and round us a home In Woodbridge, Ca In April of 2003. I achieved a record sales price for my model and it sold in one weekend. Sandy's knowledge of the real estate market and the Irvine area allow her represent your house in an exemplary manner. Sandy understands the sensitivity of the sellers and buyers and is able to manage all activities to insure a smooth and uneventful transition.

Sandy has exceeded our expectations and we were able to move into a great house with her help. We strongly feel because of Sandy, we were able to get a fair deal. We are very happy with the sale or our existing house and the purchase or our current home. Without reservation, I strongly recommend Sandy's services

If you are Interested In selling or buying a home in the Irvine area.


Marty Feldman


We want to thank you for helping us to find our dream home in North Tustin. We have been here now three weeks, and we have thoroughly enjoyed our new home so far. I have to say that it would not have been possible without your help. Starting with the sale of our home in Irvine, you gave us ideas about how to make our home more attractive to prospective buyers. Your ideas worked: the house sold in the first two days - at over the original asking price! Without your recommendation we would have left $20,000 'on the table'. Thank you! When we saw our new home it was love at first sight. Your help in presenting our offer made us the winner in a 'mini bidding war' over the house. You helped us come up with some financing options that made the deal possible. Again, without your help we would not be here today. We also appreciated your perseverance in the home search process. You went to previews, talked to other agents, and in general 'beat the bushes' to find homes to look at. Over the several months it took to find the right place you maintained your great sense of humor, even when we were frustrated. You were great to work with - I wish you all the best success in the years to come.


Being a first-time home buyer, my wife and I were confronted with the many unknowns that accompanied the exciting voyage that we undertook to find ourselves a house that we could call home. A mutual friend of ours recommended that we talk to you. First & foremost, you have been very patient with us in answering our Qs - the very many Qs first-time buyers usually ask. Secondly, your vast experience of 30 years in the Orange County area enormously helped us understand the possibilities that conformed to our budget. And finally, we believe what really helped us a great deal is the fact that somewhere along the way, we became very good friends! This last aspect is so much underestimated in this day & age but that's really what helped us understand each other and that got us this great home at the end of the day! Your warm demeanor, friendly attitude and a patient sensitivity to our needs & concerns truly served as a catalyst in making all this happen so effectively & efficiently!! You did not just help us find a home but you made the effort to ensure that we went through the whole process of closing and beyond in as painless & smooth manner as possible. You helped us settle in comfortably after the closing by offering so much help by going out of your way repeatedly. "Going the Extra Mile" might seem a popular cliché but you made it a reality for us! We  shop around for a home in future. We wish you and your staff at ReMax a very successful & satisfying career! And yes, we are truly excited about and look forward to having you as one of our dear & close friends going forward!

Thanks again & best regards,

Veena & Shridhar


I am writing in support of Sandy Kedhar, who represented us during our search for, and subsequent purchase of, a residential property in Orange County. The purchase was completed in May of 2009. We first saw Sandy's name on three different websites, which came up when we asked for the best real estate agent in Irvine, California. Her name had consistently good reviews attached to it, which lead me to call her. She responded promptly and was able to email me information on a nice selection of appropriate properties on very short notice. She then took us around, discussing the different areas we were interested in as she showed us the properties. Her knowledge of the area was thorough and very helpful to us; and her perception of what we wanted was excellent in spite of the fact that my husband and I often seemed to be giving her confliction information. When we decided to go into a different price range, Sandy did not hesitate to start again, quickly generating a new series of places for us to see. In addition, she called us when one special property unexpectedly became available, urging us to see it quickly. She then spent additional time re-showing the properties we were interested into our son and his roommates, and taking us back to the ones we wanted to reevaluate. Once we had decided on the place we wanted, Sandy helped us write our offer and present it to the sellers. Her advice on pricing and her suggestions on things to include were thoughtful and "spot-on." She shepherded us through the escrow process, making sure all the requirements were satisfied correctly and on time. With a combination of phone calls and emails that made me feel like I was her only client and that she lived next door, she kept us up to date and alerted to everything that was happening. We live out of town, but Sandy was able to facilitate the transaction using a very nice online system that made it all simple and convenient. At the close of escrow, Sandy made certain the property was as it had been promised to us (which wasn't so simple!). She supplied us with lists of trusted professionals for any repair or remodeling we might want to do, as well as providing a list of local utility providers and their phone numbers. In addition to this, she kept track of dates and deadlines, prompting me, for example, to request gas service in advance of the date I needed it because she knew there was a lag time associated with new service requests. Finally, I enjoyed working with Sandy - besides being knowledgeable, organized, thorough, trustworthy, and sensitive to our needs; she was always a pleasure to be with. I recommend her most highly; and without reservation. I would be happy to answer any questions.

Carolyn Levin


Dear Sandy,

Thank you again for the exceptional level of service that you provided on the recent sale of our Woodbridge home in Irvine. We were extremely pleased that our home received multiple offers within the first few days of being on the market and sol quickly.

From Beginning to end, you were a tremendous help every step of the way: presenting your market analysis research and strategy; suggesting how to best stage the house; photographing and creating beautiful marketing material; keeping us informed of all offers; as well as overseeing on our behalf the final details of the completion of the sale. We truly appreciated your expertise, communication, and personalized care.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and we would happily refer family and friends to you for their real estate needs.


Gene and Kristine Leon


Letter of Recommendation for Sandy Kedhar, Remax Realty

This is the second time we have worked with Sandy on a real estate transaction, this time the sale of our property in Irvine, and once again I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is. I first met Sandy in 2009 when I googled "best real estate agent in Irvine area" and her name came up on several listings. At that time we were looking for a place to buy for our college age son and his roommates. I have already raved about her work that time in a previous letter; we were very happy with the condo she found for us and everything she did during our purchase of it. When I called Sandy in regard to selling the condominium this spring, she immediately went over to look at it and said she thought she could sell it relatively quickly. She suggested a price range which was higher than what we had anticipated, but she told us t11e market was good. We agreed to begin the process. Within three days she presented us with two written offers, and after a few back and forth discussions we had sold. Because the sale happened so quickly, we had to come to some agreement with our tenants regarding their moving out before their leases were up. Sandy made special trips over to meet them, discuss the concerns with them, and ultimately to help them organize their moves. They remained happy and helpful thanks to Sandy's intercession. Once we had entered into escrow, there were some problems with the contingent sale of the buyers' current home. Sandy worked diligently with both the buyers and with us to allow the escrow to remain in effect and eventually to close, near to the originally anticipated date. We do not live in Irvine, so I had to travel to town a few times to empty out the condo. Sandy helped me find charities willing to come pick up the items our tenants had left behind; she even volunteered to be present one day when I could not be there. In the middle of all of this, we had to leave on a previously planned trip out of the country. I won't even tell you all the things she took care of for us while we were gone - I wouldn't want anyone to expect such things from their agent - but let me say she went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everything was taken care of. Finally, because the close of escrow had been delayed slightly and there were some complexities involved, she changed the dates of her own trip out of the country in order to be here, to make sure everything was done properly. In summary, I recommend Sandy most highly. She is energetic, smart, organized, professional, good humored - a delight to know and work with. I would be happy to answer any questions.

Sandy Kedhar
Sandy Kedhar